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atcol3You have found a place where excellence in children’s literature and diversity are the most important factors. Here you will find stories about Real Boys Growing Into Real Men…and the people who love them.

Books show young people the world and help them define their place inside that world.

For too long, too many kids from marginalized groups have peered at books that functioned solely as a mirror for the majority population, while either ignoring individuals from marginalized groups, or relegating them to role of “sidekick” or “jive-talking best friend of color.”

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    Pull Westside Books (2010) and AllTheColorsOfLove press (2012) a YALSA 2011 Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers book, (click picture for more)
  • Farrington Tales Book 2 published by AllTheColorsOfLove press (2013) (click picture for more)
  • Farrington Tales Book 3, published by AllTheColorsOfLove – (click picture for more)
  • Coming Winter, 2018 from Harper Collins Click Picture for more

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ATCOL press was created to provide quality books that act as mirrors for kids from various cultures, putting them in the spotlight. Kids of color, LGBTQ+ kids, and kids from different ethnicities and religious backgrounds are the heroes and heroines in the books from ATCOL press

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 What people say about the books from ATCOL press:

 …offers much to engage both male and female readers, readers of color, and teachers. – Booklist 

Binns depicts the struggles a teenager goes through fighting peer pressure and hormonal urges—and building strength of character and moral courage—all without sounding like a preacher on a pulpit. – Booksquawk

The author shows us a very real and gripping portrayal – Young Adults Books Central

There’s a lot to admire about what Binns is doing here, from providing a darkly realistic portrayal of teen relationships (from sex to sports to social death) to tossing aside cultural norms about what success looks like. – Book Slut

This great story is perfect for fans of realistic fiction. – Diversity in YA fiction