Minority Of One

Farrington Tales Book 3

Follett Mo1Neill Mallory feels he has three strikes against him, he is young (17 years old), black and gay. He is also intelligent, thoughtful, a good friend, and a track star, and those qualities are getting him through the jungle of high school and helping him deal with the loss of his boyfriend.

Minority of One is a multicultural YA story that not only follows the travails of gay teens Neill and Carl, but also gives readers a second romance, between new girl in school Sheila Galliano and basketball phenom Julian Morales, one of Neill’s friends (it’s practically a bromance). The friendship that develops between Sheila and Neill transforms them both, until her mother is found dead and his brother is arrested. Hopefully the identity of the real killer, and the uncovering of the connections between all parties, will leave readers satisfied and hoping for the future.


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