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PULL – Paperback: 978-09881821-0-3

eBook: 978-0-9881821-8-9

(No hardcover available at this time)
PULL is also available as an eBook on Smashwords and at Barnes and Noble



Follett Mo1

Minority of One-Paperback: 978-09881821-2-7

Hardback: 978-1942641-90-2

eBook: 978-09881821-8-9
Minority of One is also available on Amazon.com in both a paperback and a Kindle format.


Being God-Paperback: 978-0-9881821-1-0

Hardcover: 978-1942641-91-9

Being God is also available on Amazon.com in both  paperback and  Kindle format.

Die Trying– Paperback: 978-09881821-9-6

Special price, $5.99 for paperback, plus shipping and handling

(no Hardback or eBook available at this time)