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Reviews for PULL:

Booklist: ” This compelling story gives authentic voice to…the long-term consequences of domestic violence, and a maturing teen’s need to differentiate the expectations he has of himself from those even the adults he respects have…offers much to engage both male and female readers, readers of color, and teachers.”

Voya:  “The story is gripping, and the raw language accurately depicts how young adults speak…many young adults will enjoy reading about the many challenges David faces and his unruly wooing of Yolanda. It is the kind of book where once you’ve read the first page, you are hooked.”

Tautly written, gripping and realistic, PULL by B. A. Binns is the story of what we owe our parents’ dreams for us — and what we do not. David sacrifices to hold his family together and heal while dealing with homework and hormones. We sense his immense guilt and fear and exhaustion and frustration as he attempts to make the impossible a reality. The strength of this story comes from the author’s refusal to take shortcuts or make up a traditional happy ending, but to let a true story twist, turn, and play out to its realistic, unromanticized, satisfying conclusion. Readers happier to work with their hands than sit in a classroom will find themselves comforted to find a book which places value on David’s choice. – Tanita S Davis, 2010 Coretta Scott King Honor Award Winner

Heather (16), Kenny (17) and Logan (13) offer their candid reviews of PULL at Teens Talk About Books

Rhapsody In Books says I think this book would be a great choice to assign in high schools. It would be an entertaining and provocative selection for adult book clubs as well.

Loved by Liana says I opened the book on a whim and skimmed the first chapter. Then I couldn’t put it down. I was completely sucked into David’s story and I had to find out what was going to happen next.

USA Today Bestselling Author Courtney Milan calls PULL one of the most powerful Y.A. books I’ve read all year

The Happy Nappy Bookseller: says There is a lot going on in Pull but at no point does it feel like an issues book. It reads smoothly from beginning to end…The ending of Pull was unexpected, hopeful and very fitting.

Reading In Color Blog says It was beyond refreshing to have a guy male character who is not a lovable-nerd or a playa-with-a-soft-interior.

Booksquawk blog says Binns depicts the struggles a teenager goes through fighting peer pressure and hormonal urges—and building strength of character and moral courage—all without sounding like a preacher on a pulpit.

Young Adults Books Central says This is a very gritty, realistic tale of an African-American teen and hard choices. Instead of romanticizing this story, the author shows us a very real and gripping portrayal of David’s life.

Book Slut says There’s a lot to admire about what Binns is doing here, from providing a darkly realistic portrayal of teen relationships (from sex to sports to social death) to tossing aside cultural norms about what success looks like.

Diversity in YA fiction says This great story is perfect for fans of realistic fiction.

Reader comments

A 10th grade boy from Illinois rated PULL a “9.5 on a scale of 10” and felt empowered by one of the characters who begins as a shy uncertain boy and ends up a school hero. His email said, “I find it amazing what one encouraging friend could do to a kid.”

A teacher in New Jersey wrote that one 8th grade boy, described as a “reluctant reader,” did not want to put PULL down. When he finished the book he asked for another like it to read after calling PULL BETTER THAN CABLE.

An active member of the County School Division in Spotsylvania, Virginia said, “I can tell you that I enjoyed the book thoroughly and frankly, had a hard time putting it down even as my eyes tired of reading. It gave me a glimpse into, and a feel for, a part of American society and culture that was somewhat foreign to me. My final 3 high school years were spent in a small still very rural school…”

A thirteen-year-old boy from Texas told his mother, “It’s an amazing book.”


PULL was put on the Young Adult Library Services Association’s (YALSA) 2012 Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers List . I hope that so-called reluctant readers, especially boys, would be drawn by David’s story and feel like the 7th grade boy who called PULL “…better than CABLE.”

Pull was named a finalist in the 2009 Maryland Romance Writer’s Reveal Your Inner Vixen contest in the Young Adult division and won the 2009 Rose City RWA Golden Rose contest in the Young Adult division

Winner 2010 Oklahoma City RWA Finally a Bride contest – Young Adult
Winner 2011 National Reader’s Choice Award – Young Adult
Nominee 2012-13 Eliot Rosewater Indiana High School Book Award